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threading pipes tools

The act of pipe threading involves fashioning screw threads on the interior of the pipe. It is generally employed for connecting pipes and fittings, and it takes three different forms. These are:

To create the legendary outer circumference of pipes, lathes are frequently employed, but one can also turn to dies for their inner threading. Lathes are used to construct the exterior diameter of the pipe, and a die is at the ready to generate its inner helix.

To get the process of threading a pipe started, a preliminary hole needs to be drilled. This initial hole should be slightly smaller in size than the exterior circumference of the pipe. The pilot hole serves as a practical guide when setting up the threading machine.

With the help of a pilot hole, the lathe is tasked with crafting the outer structure of the pipe. The diameter is meticulously set beforehand and the pipe is passed through the lathe in a rotate-and-feed cycle. After being properly treated, the resultant product is a perfect cylinder with an even surface all over its outer layer.

With the outside perimeter produced, the die is used to scrape out the appropriate thread size in the inner circumference of the pipe. The die is set to its specified size and the pipe isguided through: with every inch passing through, it is also gradually rotated, thus allowing for the grooves of the thread to be formed into the interior of the tube.

A lathe and die team up to make pipe threading a simple task. Connecting pipes and fittings can be achieved using three kinds of pipe threads – straight, tapered and parallel.

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