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threading tool pluming

When it comes to creating screw threads, a threading tool is an essential device to have in one’s toolbox. Taps are the most popular type of threading tool and are used for making threads within holes. Whether you need to create metric or imperial threads, taps come in all shapes and sizes to meet your requirements.

External threads often seen on nuts and bolts can be produced using threading tools such as dies. Ranging in size and shape, these tools are versatile enough to manufacture both imperial and metric threads with the utmost precision.

Taps and dies are not the only threading tools available. Thread chasers, specialized cutting oils, and specialized threading dies are all indispensable for fabricating threads in materials.

From automobiles to airplanes and constructions, threading tools can be seen in many different industries. Tap and die sets are specifically fashioned out of high-speed steel or carbide, crafted to work with a selected range of materials.

For the machinist, cutting threads is a key part of their arsenal. They use specialized tools such as taps and dies to carve out tightly fitting grooves in a range of widths and pitches. Alongside these, thread chasers smooth and perfect the threads to ensure a perfect fit. Finally, they use thread cutting oil to keep everything cool and slippery during the delicate operation.

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