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threading tools for sale

Threading tools are available in abundance, all created for distinct threading purposes. The most prevalent variants are taps, dies, and thread chasers.

Creating threads at different depths can be achieved by using taps. Commonly, these tools are controlled manually by hand, yet power models are available which attach to a drill or other power machine. Taps come in many shapes and sizes depending on the size of threading that is needed.

From rods to other cylindrical objects, dies are the go-to tools to craft any thread of desired shape and size. When put into use with the help of a die holder, these self-sufficient tools provide steadfast results. Be it a fleeting squeaking sound or lasting tight hold, they offer many varied specifications you can choose from.

To repair and revive threads that have been damaged, thread chasers offer a convenient solution. When employed, they can be done by hand or with the help of a thread chaser holder – a device which securely keeps the thread chaser in place as it is turned. There is a diverse range of thread chasers available for purchase, all possessing different sizes and styles to suit the particular type of thread being mended.

When it comes to threading tools, the selection process is critical. Taps and dies are available in standard sizes that correspond to the TPI (threads per inch) of desired threads. Generally speaking, as the TPI increases, the finer the thread. Thus, an individual’s selection should depend on the desired outcome.

Crafting threads in alternative sizes and pitches requires a selection of specialty taps and dies; pipe taps and dies provide the threading for pipes, metric taps and dies accommodate metric holes, while bottoming taps are designed exclusively for creating threads in blind holes.

Choosing the right threading tools depends greatly on the material in question. Tapping and dieing materials like aluminum, brass, and bronze require carbon steel taps and dies. But if you’re intending to work with harder materials like iron and steel, you’ll require something a bit stronger – high-speed steel (HSS) tools.

It is imperative that the ideal coating is selected for taps and dies. This is because coatings do not only advance their capability, but also protect them from impairment. One of the most frequently used coatings is TIN (titanium nitride). Its strong wear-resistant qualities, as well as its capacity to cut down on drag, make it a popular choice. Other common coatings–TICN (titanium carbonitride) and TiN (titanium nitride)–also supply protection from wear and help reduce friction.

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