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Threading tools are integral for designing precise internal or external threads for any workpiece. Depending on the particular operation, they come in various configurations, with taps, dies, and thread mills being the most frequently utilized ones.

Internal threads, like those found in a nut or a bolt hole, often require the use of taps. Taps come in two variations: hand taps and machine taps. Hand taps feature delicate construction for small-scale threads and must be manually rotated. Conversely, machine taps possess a sturdier build that works with larger threads and can be operated with a machine.

To shape and mould external threads such as those on a bolt or screw, two types of dies are employed – hand and machine. Hand dies, which are turned by hand, are best suited for creating slender and fragile threads. Meanwhile, machine dies, using a mechanical process, fashion more substantial and hardy threads.

Thread mills are a reliable choice for the purpose of generating internal as well as external threads and are generally employed for larger-sized, more enduring designs. To operate thread mills, a machine must be used to drive the mill.

Internal and external threads can be created with threading tools. Taps are utilized to create internal threads like those located in a nut or bolt hole whereas dies design external threads such as those identified on a screw or bolt. Thread mills, however, can be used to fashion both types of threads.

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