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threading with a square groove tool

The creation of screw threads is achieved through a process known as threading. Here, grooves are cut into the material being worked on with a square groove tool. Every pass of the tool will deepen these grooves further, and the amount of depth is dependent upon the angle of the tool and its rate of feed.

Spinning and cutting amidst the motion of a machine, external threading is apprenticed by the lathe. This special tool lends it hand to the process, feeding in as the workpiece orbits and rotates overall.

Nested inside each workpiece, a specially crafted tool is employed to create the kind of threading needed to form threads in blind holes – a process often referred to as internal threading.

In terms of its scope, threading is an incredibly versatile machining technique; it covers the entire gamut of thread sizes – from tiny to gigantic – and allows for threads of a variety of forms to be made, be it square, buttress, or acme.

With its extreme accuracy, threading is a premier process. This attribute makes it possible to create threads that mate perfectly with each other.

Although threading offers many advantages, the prolonged duration required to generate a wide range of threads is unquestionably its main drawback. Crafting numerous threads can be an exceedingly laborious task.

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