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tool flow threading inserts

Threading inserts are the tools used to fabricate internal or external threads in a workpiece. While there are plentiful varieties of threading inserts, they all can be identified by their distinct cutting edge designed to carve into the workpiece to form the threads.

A material renowned for its hardness and ability to be honed to an exceptionally fine edge, carbide is the ideal choice for manufacturing threading inserts. This is because it permits highly specific and precise thread cuts to be made with efficiency and accuracy.

Not all threading inserts are created equal – specifically, those that are purpose-crafted for internal and external threading. On the inside, so to speak, these inserts possess a cutting edge meant to produce threads in a workpiece’s interior. Conversely, inserts tailored for external threading contain a cutting edge made to form threads on the exterior.

The tool holder provides a secure enclosed space to house the threading insert, protecting it from harm while also affording fast and easy replacement. With the holder, the insert remains steady and firmly in place while in use.

Threading inserts are must-have instruments for those working on thread-cutting projects, regardless of the type of thread, internal or external. Versatility and availability are what make these inserts a go-to resource – an array of sizes and configurations tailored to individual needs exist. So, if you have a thread to cut, let the right threading insert come to the rescue!

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