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tool for cutting screw threads

A screw thread cutter is a machine employed to create screw threads, or grooves, in an object. Taps, thread mills, and dies are all various types of tooling that can perform this task. The most suitable cutter for a specific situation inevitably depends on the size and pitch of the screw thread, the material being worked on, and the expected accuracy tolerance.

Screw threads can most easily be cut using a type of tool referred to as a tap. This tool has a spiral flute that carves the thread out as the twist is turned clockwise. You can get taps in sizes and pitches of all kinds for use on materials ranging from metal, plastic, to even wood.

For a change in direction, screws threads can be crafted using a die. Shaped like a circular disc, the exterior of this tool is equipped with sharp teeth that refine the edges when twisted in a counterclockwise motion. Tapping into a plethora of projects, dies come in various pitches and sizes, meaning all materials – from wood to metals to plastics – can be cut with utmost precision.

Thread mills are the ideal tool for manufacturing screw threads in any kind of workpiece. The mill is equipped with a rotating cutter with cutting teeth, and as it spins clockwise, a thread is formed and crafted in the material. Whether you’re looking to fit a thread in metal, plastic, or wood, thread mills are your go-to choice as they come in an array of different sizes and pitches to suit any job.

When it comes to machining screw threads in a workpiece, the ideal tool is largely contingent upon a variety of considerations, such as the material of the workpiece, its thread’s size and pitch, and the sought-after tolerance.

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