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tool for smashed threads

Have you ever found yourself in a spot of bother when your tool has become stuck and won’t budge an inch? This is often because the tool is not adequately lubricated. Without proper lubrication, it can be extremely difficult to use and may even lead to harm being inflicted upon the piece you are working on. It’s an undesired outcome, to say the least.

If you are stuck trying to fix a thread that has been broken, you can utilize a thread file or a thread chaser to get the job done. A thread file is designed to mend frazzled threads, while a thread chaser carves clean grooves into your workpiece. Either option is a viable way to restore your smashed threads.

To keep threads from getting ruined, a generous helping of lubricant will go a long way in safeguarding them. Using it regularly will also help to ensure threads remain undamaged.

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