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tool for threading pipe

Plumbers and DIYers alike inevitably turn to one critical fixture – the threading pipe. This utility allows construction and maintenance of both internal and external threads on a pipe, better known as a ratchet pipe threader. Its applications are invaluable!

When threading a pipe, one needs two distinct dies: a fixed die affixed to the handle of the pipe, and a floating die connected to its end that slides up and down as it is rotated.

It is essential to identify the type of thread you need before using a threading pipe. Popular variants such as National Pipe Thread (NPT), National Pipe Tapered Thread (NPTF), and British Standard Pipe Thread (BSPT) are the commonly available options. Once you have made the selection, choose an appropriate die that corresponds to the thread you have chosen.

Affixing a die to the conclusion of your threading pipe is necessary. If you have a stationary die, make sure to get it snugly secured. If however, you are utilizing a spinning die, no need to cramp up the pipe- simply let the die rest atop of it.

Thread the pipe’s end into the die. When attaching a fixed die, make sure the pipe’s end is precisely lined up with the die’s end. Alternatively, if attaching a floating die, poke out the end of the pipe from the die approximately 1/8th of an inch.

To embark on the threading process, begin by winding the handle of the threader pipe clockwise. Keep going with the clockwise rotation of the handle until the die has fully traversed the entire length of the pipe.

After the pipe has been eradicated from the die, it is crucial to observe the threads. In the event that a degree of imperfection is visible, a tap can be used to refine the threads.

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