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tool that cutting bolts without damaging threads

Metal cutting is made simple with the use of bolt cutters. Perfect for construction needs, these versatile tools are designed to tear through tough bolts without compromising the smoothness of the threading. Quick and convenient, they are an essential part of many industrial operations requiring quick access to bolts.

An innovative pivotal point allows the handles of bolt cutters to leverage their two blades – one stationary, the other dynamic – which shut tightly together as you press down, engineering a dramatic cutting motion.

Ferocious bolts are no match for bolt cutters, whose razor-sharp jaws, sculpted from hardened steel, are specially designed to rip through even the most uncompromising steel. The cutting edges of the cutters’ jaws are serrated, providing an unyielding grip which repels the bolt and maintains cutting power during use.

A range of bolt cutters are available to accommodate bolts of different diameters, with the size of the cutter dictating the length of its handles. Longer handles leverage a greater force, so larger cutters come equipped with proportionally longer handles to match.

Toes crunching through bolts? Say no more. Introducing the mighty bolt cutter – a trusty gadget designed to deliver speedy cutting, without ever compromising on thread quality. No size is too big or small, as they come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit any job. Plus, those trusty jaws are constructed using long-lasting hardened steel material for extra oomph.

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