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totem threading tools price lis

Price List for Totem’s Threading Tools

On the hunt for the best equipment for all your threading needs? Look no further than Totem Tools! We offer an extensive selection of tools that promises to make all your totem threading projects a breeze. From taps and dies to thread chasers and beyond, our toolbox is well-stocked with everything you could need.

From small to large, our tap and die sets can fulfill your project requirements. And our selection of thread chasers are the perfect choice for pursuing smooth threads on any kind of material. Aiding you in your craftsmanship, our thread cutters are suitable for all types of materials including wood, metal, and plastic.

With a variety of totem threading tools available, no matter the project you’re trying to complete – we have what you need! Be sure to reference our price list to locate the optimal tool for your task.

When tackling any project that involves precise threading, having the proper tools on hand is a must. Making sure your toolkit is well-stocked with taps and dies doesn’t need to break the bank. Check out these options, starting at just 75 dollars: Tap and Die Set (standard), Tap and Die Set (metric), Thread Chaser Set, and Thread Cutter Set, all for less than a hundred dollars. Don’t miss out on this unbeatable deal!

Whatever you’re making, you’ll find the right equipment in our selection of taps and dies. Choose from a wide variety of sizing options, both standard and metric, to make sure your project is a success. Our thread chasers make chasing threads on any material a breeze. And if thread-cutting is what you need, our thread cutters can handle wood, metal, or plastic.

The right totem threading tool for any project can be found on our price list. Check it out today to find the perfect fit for your work!

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