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types of threading tools and their uses

Tapping tools are versatile threading devices used to create internal threads. Hand taps are among the most popular and are primarily employed for general threading tasks involving multiple materials. Available in a range of sizes and shapes, they can be expertly matched to different types of materials.

When it comes to working with threads, there are a few different tools available. Dies can be used to craft any external thread, in multiple sizes and designs for your material-specific needs. If your project requires the attention of a repair or cleaning, thread chasers come in both manual and machine-operated options.

To tackle specific applications, there is an array of specialized threading tools available. These include those designed for use on pipes, dubbed ‘pipe taps’, which put threads in pipes; ‘reamer taps’, designed to expand and clean existing threads; and ‘spiral point taps’, capable of creating hard-to-reach threadings.

Choosing the best threading tool to suit your individual application can be a daunting task, given the huge range of options available. To make sure you get it right, it is best to get guidance from someone who knows their stuff.

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