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vargus threading tools

Vargus is renowned throughout the world for their intricate, reliable threading tools, which are implemented in many distinct industries – from aerospace to automotive. The power and accuracy of their designs demonstrate why they have become a leader in this sector.

Vargus’s threading tool selection is comprehensive, ranging from the common taps and dies to the more robust thread-forming tools. All of these components come to you in a range of sizes and styles to fit any project’s needs. Plus, when used, the thread-forming tools construct a much sturdier and longer-lasting thread than tapping and dieing.

From simple custom-made threads to their patented Multi-Start taps that can generate up to four of them in a single pass, Vargus provides a broad array of threading solutions. What’s more, their ground-breaking thread-forming tools, like the Roll-Threading tool, can later come into play for a final pass to generate smoothed and refined threads.

Are you seeking an efficient threading solution? Look no further – Vargus is the leader for top-tier tap and die tools. As experts in quality and innovation, the Vargus brand is renowned amongst industry professionals as a reliable source for threading solutions.

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