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viking sewing machine hex tool needle threader hook

Viking sewing machines are renowned for their superior craftsmanship, longevity, and efficientapplication. However, like most sewing machines, these devices require some essential upkeep like regularly changing the needle and correctly threading the material. This helps ensure optimal performance from the machine and that your sewing projects look as professional as possible.

To get started, you’ll need to pick out the ideal needle for your project & fabric. Don’t forget that various fabrics require different needles for best results. After locating the appropriate needle, string the thread through its eye from back to front.

Embrace your threader tool and thrust it in and through your needle’s belly, forming a handle on its rear. Withdraw the threader tool and behold – a loop of thread majestically holds sway at the needle’s back.

To kick off the process, begin by gently looping the thread around the tension wheel of the sewing machine. From there, carefully guide the thread through the take-up lever and run it along until it pierces through the eye of the needle. Make sure that the entire length of string is pulled taught without any slack.

With your sewing machine securely loaded, you are now ready to begin your stitching journey! To ensure that your stitches come out neat and even, it’s best to begin by practicing on some leftover material. Once you make a few test runs, you will be all set to start on the project of your dreams!

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