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what is a tap wrench used for

A tap wrench is the ideal tool for people who need to get a firm grasp on a tap or any other small, threaded tool. This reliable device is usually crafted from strong metal, and its two hardened jaws fit perfectly around the square or hexagonal shank of whichever object needs to be secured. The user then grips onto the conveniently-sized handle in order to rotate the tap.

Different sizes of tap wrenches are available when it comes to selecting the right size for the tap in use. The smaller wrenches, which can support taps up to 3/8-inch, are most prevalent. The mid-sized choice caters to pipes of up to 1/2-inch, and the largest ones can accommodate a 1-inch tap. If you’re handling multiple sizes of taps, an adjustable tap wrench could be the perfect option for you.

Drill holes are applied to a workpiece with the use of tap wrenches which then turn the tap in order to create threads on its sides. As it is rotated, the tap is inserted into the pre-drilled hole and produces the desired threading.

Depending on the size of the tap, you’ll require either a small or large tap wrench. If you happen to be uncertain about what size you’re working with, an adjustable wrench can easily come to the rescue.

It is essential to put in a strong grip when utilizing a tap wrench to prevent an accident and safeguard the tap. When the jaws of the wrench are positioned tightly against the shank of the tap, it reduces the odds of shifting and reduces harm.

To guarantee a precision job, it is essential that the tap wrench stays level when in use so that the tap is cut uniformly. Neglecting to keep the wrench level can result in an uneven cut and potentially ruin the threads.

Once the tap has performed the work of cutting the desired threads, it is taken away and the wrench is also removed. To ensure that the threads are cut to their proper size, a die is employed.

Those looking to cut threads in metal will find tap wrenches to be a vital part of their toolbox. With a few attempts, these simple implements guarantee perfect threads results every time.

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